Pineland Environmental Technology (Pty) Ltd was founded in May 1991.

The Company’s objective is to offer our clients a unique range of products to assist them in the treatment of oil remediation and cleaning on hard surfaces as well as in soil, asbestos related issues and neutralizing of acid spills.

Currently we distribute our products, including our NEW range of biological cleaning products, to clients throughout Southern Africa.

Our products enable the client to treat hydrocarbon polluted soil in situ thereby reducing disposal to landfill.

Pineland Environmental Technology supplies oil absorbents, oil and chemical spill kits and a comprehensive range of biological cleaning products. In addition, we are able to clean hydrocarbon spillage in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.


Some of the industries using our products and services are:

  • Eskom
  • Chevron refinery
  • Transnet Hazmat, TFR, TRE, PORTS, CONTAINERS
  • Metrorail
  • Companies fixing and relaying of railway lines and ballast
  • Fire departments
  • Municipal roads, fire and electrical departments
  • Shopping centres (parking bays)
  • Business parks (parking bays)
  • Casinos
  • Mines
  • Major airports
  • SA Port ops
  • Large portion of the construction industry
  • Hydraulic companies
  • Forestry SA
  • Container companies
  • Engineering workshops

This list is but a few of the industries making use of our products and services.