Michael Alberts

Ahoy Enterprises (Pty) Ltd

"Ahoy Enterprises (Pty) Ltd is a Waste Management Company based in Mokopane (Limpopo). Our largest clients are in the mining industry. Ahoy is an Environmentally Conscious organisation and we thus strive to offer an environmentally friendly options to our clients. We focus on Zero Waste to Landfill solutions providing our clients options that promote environmental sustainability. That been said, we launched a Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil Treatment Facility at Anglo American Mogalakwena in 2017. The idea was to treat the contaminated soils with Bio-Enzymes so that the soils can be remediated and returned to its origins, instead of been landfilled. We however found that even though the Bio-Enzyme processes was successful, it was time consuming, labour intensive and not cost effective. In search for alternative treatment methods we were introduced to a product called OilCap. It was promoted as a Hydrocarbon Converter, that would provide the same or better results than that of Bio-Enzymes in a fraction of the times and reduce labour. With some scepticism, we applied the OilCap to our hydrocarbon contaminated soils and after 14 days compared the results to an untreated sample, a Bio-Enzyme treated sample and the sample treated with OilCap. To our joy and amazement the OilCap treated sample passed all regulatory norms and standards and was given the green light and classed as fully remediated. We have been using OilCap at our Treatment Facility since 2018. This facility processes between 250 and 400 tons of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils every month. With the correct application of OilCap in relation to the level on contamination, we are proud to say that we have a 98% successful treatment rate and our samples are tested through an independent laboratory. OilCap has change the way we and our clients view the treatment of Hydrocarbon contamination and Spills and has become the go to product for us."